LUTEA / Natural dyes – extra fine pigments & watercolours. 

The extra-fine Lutea colours originate from noble plant materials. Our pigments are extracted from plants chosen for their high quality dyes and lightfastness. Each watercolour is subjected to research and development, from the plant production to the grinding of pigments, which are carefully incorporated with first quality binding agents.  

The unique beauty of the colours, their specific characteristics and their use on the painters palette will give you the privilege to rediscover and to work with a range of rare and distinguished organic colours produced with care by the artisan Anne-Sylvie Godeau. 


12 colours, 9 plants and cochineal 

Cultivated plants  

Polygonum BLUE INDIGO / 11#S3 

Cosmos Sulphureus ORANGE / 06#S4 


Gleaned plants 

Meadowsweet LIGHT GREEN / 03#S1 & DARK GREEN / 02#S1 

Walnut husks BROWN / 01#S1 


Recycled plants 

Strawberry GREY / 12#S1 

Goldenrod YELLOW / 04#S1 

Thyme DARK ORANGE / 05#S1 


Historical plants  

Madder RED / 07#S & PINK / 08#S2 

Logwood PURPLE / 10#S3 


One insect  

Cochineal CARMINE / 09#S3 


For the pigments please contact by mail:

Anne-Sylvie Godeau



Polygonum indigo blue  

Organically grown in Belgium by Lutea it is an extra-fine first quality product for painting and textile dyeing.


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